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Fungeyes Gray Glasses

Our Gray Glasses are strong and durable, made of real gray oak wood. The medium gray coloring matches well with all clothing colors and will last for years. Together with the black black polycarbonate lens frames, the look is trendy and stylish.

To begin with, Fungeyes Gray Glasses manipulate color allowing you to see light yellows, light greys and dull whites through natural ground clutter on the forest floor. All Fungeyes Glasses are scientifically engineered to enhance the contrast between mushrooms and sheds with their surrounding landscape. This is the difference. You will see that color manipulation markedly sets our glasses apart from other glasses. We spent over two years testing and retesting many different lenses. Eventually finding the optimal filter color that makes Morel’s and Sheds pop and visibly contrast from the forest ground cover.

Secondly, For ultimate sustainability, the temples on our Gray frames are made of Gray Oak hard wood from real Oak trees. Each pair is unique due to the natural Oak wood grain.

Our specially formulated lenses make Morels or Shed Antlers easier to spot on the dense forest floor – guaranteed!  Our lenses are not polarized. They are ergonomically designed for maximum light-weight comfort for day-long hunts. Together with our polycarbonate frames, our glasses are also ultra-light and ultra-sturdy. We use spring-loaded hinges adjust to all head shapes and sizes for a perfect fit every time.

All Fungeyes Glasses come with a durable carrying case

Lastly, every pair of Fungeyes comes with a recycled cork carrying case, durably built to withstand long hikes in pockets or backpacks.  We also include a soft microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth to keep your glasses clean and protected when you are not wearing them. Check out our other frames: Bamboo Glasses, Ebony Glasses, Clip-On Lenses

Our Gray Glasses are also light weight and comfortable and incorporate unique Oak wood temples. Don’t go hunting without them.